Custom Videos

Custom Videos

I do offer custom videos. Below lists my pricing structure for what to expect as you message me with your fantasy scenario.

Custom Video Menu

  • $200 base price for 10 minutes.
    Each additional minute is $10.00 per minute.
  • Use of your name: +$50
  • Outfit Request: +$50
  • Hair or Makeup Request: +$50
  • Special Effects: +$200
  • Exclusivity of Video
    (not to be used on clip sites, for your eyes only): +$500

This list will get you started on the idea of a price. Exact quotes are provided after inquiry.

As a notation: In order to capture the magic of the moment on film, I do not follow direct scripts. You are free to send me key phrases that affect you or a timeline within your fantasy, certainly, but expect more of me using my experience to discern your psychological triggers within a given scenario and less of me reading your screenplay.

Inquire directly to see your fantasies made real.