Mistress Noel Knight

A cruel, humiliating, ice queen offering professional in-person domination sessions, online services, and intimate training.

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About Me

Lucky you! You've found your way here during a special time of year. I celebrate a little thing I call "Kinkmas" each year - and this year there are 10 days leading up to Christmas. Click the image below for more info...

A Kinkmas Treat for you:


I am Mistress Noel Knight.

I offer the opportunity to experience authentic domination and control. I have over ten years of experience as both a lifestyle and professional dominatrix. I am an author, a producer, a creator, a guide and a muse. D/s is an intrinsic part of who I am. My passion for power exchange has lead me to cultivate a strange and resplendent existence.

I believe that domination and submission offers a deeper connection and a greater intimacy between players. My approach to BDSM is holistic in nature, taking both your body and mind under my dominion. I will consume you - ego, flesh, spirit and soul.

Ultimate Femdom - Authentic Control

When you come to me, prepare for an experience you'll never forget.


International Provacateur


Fetish Producer


Owner of Souls

Prepare yourselves, perverts.

Want to play over text? My Sextpanther is +1 (614) 666-6176

Want to be mesmerized by my voice? Call me here.

Gain My Notice and Favor.

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